Alison Law A Wise Way Interview

Alison Law Gives Advice on Pursuing an Entertainment Career

Entertainment journalist, Alison Law, gives advice to females looking to break into the industry, and also shares words of inspiration.

She describes the obstacle of being an African-American female trying to get into the entertainment industry. She discloses that weight can become an issue in entertainment as well as appearance.

When asked what is worse, failing or never trying? She says that it is hands down never trying. Alison feels that you should love what you do and be able to put everything you have into your career. She says that never trying is a failure in itself.

Alison says it is important for teenagers to have fun, but also to think about the future and to go for your goals. Loving yourself is part of Alison’s inspirational advice. She says that it is ok to struggle as long as what you are doing makes you happy.

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