Flex & Shanice Collaboration with Ne-Yo

Flex & Shanice 

Its Season 2 of the Flex and Shanice show! 90’s pop sensation, Shanice Wilson, and her husband, One on One star Flex Alexander, were both first generation millionaires who lived the good life with their two adorable children, Imani and Elijah. But suddenly both of their careers came to ahalt, and when the checks stopped coming in, they lost EVERYTHING. Now, as Flex and Shanice struggle to make ends meet, they have to balance being parents and while trying to revive their careers, all while living in a crowded house with nine family members. Watch how they try to survive living in a chaotic house, full of family members while working hard to get back into the spotlight. 

Alison Law goes out with BlackTree TV to catch up with Flex & Shanice Alexander at Own Studios and she finds out how they balance parenthood while working on their career. They discuss how their marriage remained strong through their trials and tribulations, and how to stay together as a family.  Most people know 90s pop singer “Shanice” for her Grammy-nominated hit song, “I Love Your Smile”. She talks future collaborations with R&B singer Ne-Yo be sure to tune into Season 2 you don’t want to miss it!


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